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Synopsis:   This is about as eclectic as it gets.  We have a guy who “salvaged” a piece of a basketball floor in North Carolina, an Oklahoma pottery piece that neither us or an Oklahoma expert can identify, and a steamer trunk owned by Mr. Green Jeans—“old lumpy.”


Q:  Why is an original ticket from Woodstock worth as little as $20?

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Last week

Q:When a piece of Tiffany glass is numbered, what does the letter X mean prior to the numbers?

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Those Were the Days


This is the year of It’s a Wonderful Life, a movie flop that became a huge hit years later.   It’s also when Mother Cabrini became the first American saint and the St. Louis Cardinals won the series.  Jacques Heim and Louis Reard were no saints; they designed the first bikini for public consumption.  Moving right along…Lionel made an electric steam train that blew real smoke.  The song of the year was The Gypsy by The Ink Spots.



Saying of the Week

He who angers you conquers you.

Elizabeth Kenny


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