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Synopsis: The word of the day is majolica-no matter how one pronounces it and Joe from South Bend, Indiana gives us a quick tour of his town as we try to figure out what kind of table he brought back from Europe.  Are you game?


Q: How many spikes are on the Statue of Liberty crown and what do they mean?

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Last week

Q:  What famous person tried to enlist in the Army (WWI) but was refused because he was only 16?  He then went to Canada and tried to enlist there, but got the same response.  He then traveled to France and became a Red Cross ambulance driver.  After the war he came back and worked as a postal clerk in Kansas City.  (None of which will help you with the answer.)

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Those Were the Days


The first “credit card” was issued by a newly formed group called Diners Club to help people who forget their wallets when they go out to eat.  (No more washing dishes.)  Candyland board game was invented and it had nothing to do with drugs or a popular song that came pout a few years later…was it Sammy Davis, Jr.?  Silly Putty was a hit at Christmas…pounding that dough into the comic section and then stretching it into funny faces.  The car ignition system using a key was introduced-making it a sure bet one would lose them.  If you lived in New Jersey it became illegal to pump your own gas (and still is).  Guess Brian and Leon aren’t smart enough to figure it out, although Leon has since moved to another state and proved an old dog could learn new tricks.  Top song honors went to Ghost Riders in the Sky-by Vaughan Monroe and His Orchestra (not the version you remember).



Saying of the Week

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

Walt Disney



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