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Brian and Leon, will blow your mind with their witty and thorough knowledge of everything that you can put a price tag on. Listen every week on your local public radio station.

Synopsis:    We didn’t plan it this way (we’re not that smart), but this show is X rated.  Then again, maybe all our shows are X rated.  One caller has a racy Marilyn Monroe photo not fit for public consumption and another (a female truck driver on the road in Nebraska) called Auntie has a rare Hustler magazine.  We just couldn’t make this stuff up!


Q:  Kern County, California in 1939 removed a book from their schools and libraries because they felt it was a smear on their reputation.  What book was it?

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Last week

Q:  What Victorian desk was a symbol of progress and prosperity and showed great 19th century innovation and gadgetry?  Some had up to 110 compartments.  What is the name?

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Those Were the Days


Where were you on that fateful day?  We were doing a live radio show and we’ll tell you about it, plus things you probably don’t remember like the Nimbus 2000 Flying (and vibrating) broom.  Song of the Year was Hanging By a Moment (Lighthouse).




Saying of the Week

Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else.

Will Rogers


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