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Synopsis:  A trunk from Hamlet?  Bet you didn’t know Brian was a Shakespearean scholar and can quote the old bard quite impressively.  Is something rotting on Value This?


Q:  What artist’s collection of ceramic cookie jars brought more than $250,000 when auctioned in 1987?

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Q:  Which comedy team appeared in more movies than any other in US film history?

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Those Were the Days


We were deep in WWII and patriotism was running high.  Casablanca won the Academy Award for best picture and still ranks as one of the best ever made.  A normal US postage stamp cost 3 cents and it made it just as quick as a first class one today (maybe quicker).  The Vice-President was Henry Wallace…sorry you never heard about him.  Dwight D. Eisenhower was the Time man of the year…which he repeated in the late 50’s.  The Cardinals won the Series but some professional games, like tennis, were cancelled for the year.



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