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Synopsis:    What’s the difference between a natural diamond and a man-made diamond?  (You’ll probably be surprised at the answer.)   You’ll find out and will know more than the average jeweler.  All that and 2 thrift store finds that made their buyer’s some money.  All this and more on VT.


Q:  What is the name for a shared drinking container, often used at weddings and banquets, and sometimes given as trophies at sporting events?

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Last week

Q:  What patent from 1822 changed the world of writing and/or drawing forever?

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Those Were the Days


This was the year of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago-a world’s fair to end world’s fairs (it was a US fair).  Ellis Island became an official immigration station of the US.  Pro basketball was created (not the game), and the Pledge of Allegiance was written (for the Columbian Exposition).  It was never intended to be said by students in school to test their loyalty, but was meant to honor Christopher Columbus for discovering the US (even though he probably didn’t).  Song of the Year was “After the Ball” -a sheet music production that sold the first million copies for a piece of sheet music.




Saying of the Week

When down in the mouth, remember Jonah.  He came out all right.

Thomas Edison


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