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(These items are usually not accepted by either a good consignment shop or auction. You may wish to use the garage sale venue or give them to a local charity, realizing that whatever you get in return, i.e. cash or donation, should be greeted with delight.)


Electrical Fixtures are Chancy. Usually the cost of removing them from the house, i.e. washer & dryer, etc. is more than they might bring. Make sure cords are intact (liability) and make sure things work. If they don't-throw them away!


If Uncle Joe spent his last three years in this chair, no one else wants it.

Rockers and Cane Chairs

Believe it or not, rockers don't bring much and neither do single antique chairs. Must have a set (4 or 6) in good condition to get any money.


College dorm material-used one or two seasons eating pizza (and everything else) while watching tv, sleeping, and everything else that college kids do!

Sectional Sofa

Same as above. Sectional sofas fit the room. Once taken out they don't fit anyone else's room. Must be leather and able to be used in component parts.

Dolls or Toys

Except for items over 30 years old. Think of a generation without the item. It suddenly becomes "new" and exciting again.

Window Treatments

Sorry, they're really "built ins." We say they have "value in place" but not much else. If you can't use them in your new house, leave them.

Comforters or Bedspreads

Looks like any kind of bedding is taboo in the market, unless it's 19th century, like quilts with hand-sewn designs.

Sheets, Towels, or Linens

These may cost a bundle when new, but they are disposable-just like paper towels.

Baby Items (Including Furniture)

Great seller on the front lawn but nowhere else and then only to people who've already had kids but find themselves expecting another one after a long absence.

Clear, Amber, or Olive-Green Glass Items

Amazing, but if that's the only description you can think of to describe these items then they're not saleable.

China or Glass with ANY Damage

You got it. Damage is damage, unless the item is a one of a kind and no one has it in better condition. Throw it away!

Collector's Plates

Now you know why we tell people these have no value. Just try to get rid of them.

Inexpensive Wall Art

This stuff hid nail holes and little else.

Empty Wall Size Picture Frames

Unless it's gold leaf and carved, it has no value. People can't envision a painting inside and don't know the sizes when they go shopping at auction or shops.


There's a reason this stuff is mixed together in kitchen drawers. Unless it's Calphalon or another brand name, toss it.

Steamer Trunks

The only steamer worth selling is a Louis Vuitton. You'll know if you've got one. It has the brown fabric like finish with the interwoven letters LV.

Inexpensive Baskets

A dime a dozen. Only old Indian or new Longaberger sell.

Pianos or Organs

If it's electric…see item #1 (forget about it.) If it's an organ (antique or new…forget about it.) If it's an upright…forget about it. Only piano worth selling is a grand or a spinet/console. Better check with the piano man (not Billy Joel).

Plastic Lawn Furniture

There's a reason this stuff is left on the beach. No one wants it-or can use it.

Barbecue Grills

Too much trouble. Every time you move them they fall apart. Besides, there are too many new models to choose from and no one wants an old grill. Why would I want to taste your old hamburger?

Machine Made Rugs

Most rugs are machine made-even those that look like they are "Oriental." They have a little value but if you had pets, or even a lot of children, then throw it away. They hold odor and evidence of previous activity.

Pressed Wood or Laminate Furniture

If you bought this and it came in a flat cardboard box and took you over 2 hours to put together, then get a sledge hammer and pound it flat. I bet it doesn't fit in the original carton.

Furniture in Very Damaged State

If the furniture will cost more to fix than it's worth, no one will buy it. They might take it to practice their refinishing techniques, but don't bet on it.

Most Furniture From 70's-90's

It's the generation thing again. The time line creeps at a 30-40-year pace. It's called depreciation. You must wait years before it starts coming back…and you probably won't be around to see it.

Any Upholstered Items Over 15 Years Old

The family loved…the kids loved it…the dogs and cats loved it. Who knows what else loved it? It served the purpose. (actually, it served many purposes.)

Craft Items

The Arts & Crafts Movement of the 1900's wasn't about this kind of item. You might have had fun making it…now get it out of your system. It was called "therapy."


Donate this to a worthy cause. Let them clean it, size it, and sell it to folks who can use a break. (IRS rules says that if your clothing was in poor condition and you want to deduct more than $500 for it, you MUST get an appraisal and include it in your tax return.)


There are other categories that fit the bill, but you might want to check them out or call a professional to help. They would include books, Christmas decorations, old tools, trinkets, and lighting.

All the rest just might have some value. Good luck! Questions? Call us at 800.323.5996 or 484.973.6008.

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