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Synopsis: Remember those yesteryears with a flash of light, a speeding bullet, and a Schwinn bicycle?  We do.  We have a caller with a 1955 Phantom plus a walk-in guest holding a musical baton and a story to go with it.  All this and an update on the latest sports memorabilia craze-soccer!


Q:  In the 1880’s, American furniture makers developed a design that looked very Asian, using “imitation bamboo” as the wood.  What wood was really used in this style?

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Q:  What do we call a pattern made by fitting together pieces of wood, usually different in color or grain, often in a pictorial design, applied to a wood surface?

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Those Were the Days


The American flag had only 45 stars in 1910 (there were only 45 states).  Canned beer and iced tea had not been invented (our favorite drinks).  Fuel for cars was only available in drug stores-as was fuel for humans, i.e. morphine, heroine, and marijuana. 



Saying of the Week

If you can tell the difference between good advice and bad advice, you don’t need advice.

(From a Rotary Club bulletin)


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