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Synopsis: John Lennon was not just a musician, but an artist.  What’s his art worth?  A caller has a print.  We’ll see how much it’s worth as we discover a little bit more about limited edition prints.


Q:  What is unusual/strange about the St. Gaudens US Double Eagle $20 gold piece?

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Last week

Q:  Who was the first president to hold a televised news conference?

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There are Places I Remember:

Nashville, TN

The Music City was founded on Christmas Day in 1779.  It was settled by two expedition teams from the Carolinas, who discovered a Frenchman was living there.  The Parthenon in Centennial Park is an exact replica of the Greek Temple and has a 42’ high statue of Athena (the western hemisphere’s tallest indoor sculpture).  The Grand Old Opry was established in 1925 and the city is the home of Goo-Goo, the nation’s oldest caramel candy bar.  Elvis recorded over 250 songs in Nashville and Hermitage, the home of president Andrew Jackson, has a driveway in the shape of a guitar (he did not know Elvis).  Leon held a major PR auction in one of the main bars in the city about 15 years ago.

Nominate one of your favorites or your home town by emailing us.  We’ll even put you on the show (if you want).



Saying of the Week

Everything is funny-as long as it is happening to someone else.

Will Rogers


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